Chapter 1: Standing in a Queue

Hello Folks! Let me introduce this person, Ms.Perfect .I use to call her like this.She is witty,confused and most of the time in, off mind.But let’s try to understand the situations from Ms.Perfect way.

This is the first blog post with headline “Standing in a Queue”.

The other day she was discussing about how some people get succeed and achieve what they want in life early and some late.I have to appreciate her thought process,I spilled my coffee and started laughing.She compared the temple with court and God with Judge,funny isn’t it.The story goes like this.

We have to file a case with the requirements of what we want like materials,money,love,family life and submit it before the court(i.e temple).And wait for the chance to fight for the case as you are your Lawyer and no one else is going to fight for you.It looks like standing in queue holding a big case of file,waiting for the chance to present.Finally,you are before the Judge(i.e God) and start presenting your requirements in life.And wait folks,your requirements are going to fulfill one by one.Till then you have to wait!

Isn’t it simple,don’t take it serious when somethings are not happening,it will happen when time will come,till then make it simple.


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