Chapter 2: Everything Professional


Peeps,hope you liked my previous post.Remember! what Ms.Perfect told us “Make it Simple”.I sometimes have this feeling that Ms.Perfect like simple things.

What can we do,everything became professional in personal and professional space.Confused?Okay! Let’s now analyze the statement from Ms.Perfect.

We have to decode our lives,our two lives,got it.Two lives means professional and personal;workspace and at home.We usually behave like we are two different personalities in that two spaces,but not one or two we behave different personalities in different situations.If I have to give the example,I would give example of Ms.Perfect.She usually behaves like that.

I remember, once Ms.Perfect interrupted me while I was messaging my friend.I asked her bluntly what are you doing ?Then she started saying blah,blah,blah….this is what I felt that time in my brain.But now when I think of that situation,I rather feel obliged to have her in my life.

The motto is simple,don’t make everything professional.Observe your life,everything became professional.Mode of communication changed,it made our lives easier but try to make it personal when necessary.For instance, when we are feeling to talk to someone close, talk to them rather message if it is not so urgent,take your time-off for them,tell them you are grateful having them in your life.In case of workspace,make sure you are available to communicate not in a professional way.

Now, I am not taking everything Professional but I am behaving Personal and Professional depending upon the situations.



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